This weeks Travel to Tokyo results.

This weeks Travel to Tokyo results;

As a school we have now completed 735 sessions and nearly 2500 hours of activity. Phew! You must all be super fit.

This weeks winners are:
EYFS – Simmonds, who have snatched back the lead from AM Nursery
KS1 – have new winners in 2 Mozart
KS2 – 4 Cassatt have stormed back into the lead.



Fantastic work from Simmonds, AM Nursery, 6 Edison, 6 Curie 4 Cassatt, 3 Hepworth & 2 Mozart on achieving their target this week.

Next week classes are aiming to treble the amount of exercise they do!!!! Wow! Who will manage that?

Look out next week for an exciting new campaign organised by the Youth Sport Trust and Sky Sports called National School Sports Week at Home.