This year we are having to do transition in a completely new way! We are determined to plan out the week so that we get to see EVERY child before the summer and end of term.

The sessions will take place during the week beginning 13th July and will consist of a session in a small group at a time coming into school to meet their new teacher and classroom. (although we hope to be outside for much of it)

In the next week you will receive a letter from us telling you of the day and time as well as instructions on how to enter and leave school so we can keep everyone socially distanced and safe.

Therefore all pupils currently attending in Year R, 1 and 6 will finish their sessions on Friday 10th July. (only key workers until the 17th)

We know this is only a short session but we really do want to see everyone of our 420 pupils moving up so we can reassure, settle and excite/motivate them for September.

School reports will also be issued during this visit and we will be giving out the next Year’s curriculum plan and objectives.

See you all soon! (Been wanting to say that for so long!)