Wellness through the Wilderness

Fun, team work and the emotional and mental-health of our Bramford pupils is important to us.  As part of our ongoing ‘Well-being Wednesdays’ our Year 1 children were all given the opportunity to go to Baggeridge Park for a ‘Wellness through the Wilderness’ sessions to support their transition back to school but to also help them integrate and re-engage with their peers.


Our ‘Exploring Elephants’ immersed themselves into the joy of the natural environment on wildlife walks and trails through the countryside into the depths of the forest.   They worked together to build dens, create bird feeders and bug hotels. Although some were a little apprehensive, they were encouraged to find their inner ‘Go-for it Gorilla’ by trying new activities and pushing themselves out of their comfort zones.


We are so proud of our little Griffins for their perseverance and taking part in the opportunities available to them – they all had an amazing time – we’re just not sure who enjoyed it more; the children or the staff?!