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Felt Artist Elizabeth Armstrong

By 21 November 2022No Comments

For their Prep for Learning, Year 6 were set the task of researching the felt artist, Elizabeth Armstrong ready for their D.T lessons where they will be using felt. Ava could not find much information about her but instead of giving up, she was a Persevering Parrot and she decided to email Elizabeth herself. To Ava’s delight, she received a reply! This was a fantastic example of how, at Bramford, children lead their own learning. Well done, Ava!

The email reads:

Hi Ava I have been drawing and painting ever since I was a little girl. I even used to paint on the walls down our hallway until Mum decided to put wall paper there! I loved art at school and was fascinated by all the different methods you could try and it was still all art! To this day I still love trying new techniques and discovering whether or not they they are something I would like to pursue. After I left school I went to university and studied music, but I always wanted to do art. One day I just decided that was it – I’m going to working as an artist. So I worked hard each day and fairly soon people were starting to purchase pieces of my art. This was very encouraging and so I kept going. I guess I’ve never stopped since then! My main artwork includes handmade felt (where I dye my own wool) ceramics and painting. By taking a chance on doing art I have been able to travel to teach art all over Australia and New Zealand and further afield to America, England and South Korea. I always have a sketchbook in my bag with a few pens and pencils – just in case I have some time to do a bit of drawing , or jot down a few ideas. I think the most exciting thing about being an artist is colour. Getting to play with colour and show the viewer how I see the world is a real privilege and I feel immensely lucky, every single day, being an artist. If there is anything else you would like to know just email me. Every best wish. Elizabeth Armstrong