Government Initiative to help families

Government Initiative to help families
The Government have issued a scheme providing free increases to mobile data to enable access to online learning for children who are studying at home. This is for those children who do not have fixed broadband at home and are struggling to afford additional data resulting in a disruption to their education.
The following networks are participating in the scheme: EE, Three, Sky Mobile, SMARTY, Tesco Mobile, Virgin Mobile.
If you wish to apply for this additional data, please email  with the following information:
The account holder’s name (they must be over 18)
The mobile number
The name of the mobile network
Whether the mobile is on a Pay-as-you Go basis or a monthly account.
If there is no mobile connection on devices and the home has no Wi-Fi then there is the possibility of a mobile dongle being supplied. If you have no Wi-fi at home and mobile data increase does not solve the internet issues for pupils to work at home, then please contact the above email stating a mobile dongle is needed and a brief explanation as to why it is requested.
Please note that this information will be shared with the Department of Education in order to process your free data increase or dongle.