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A Viking Escape Room

By 18 January 2024No Comments

Our Year 4 Griffins were wowed and hooked into their new topic by completing a Viking themed Escape Room! The scene was set, our Vikings were on a ship crossing the seas ready to invade the next country.  Unfortunately, the journey had taken far longer than expected so food was rationed, thinking ahead, our little Vikings had cleverly locked away some of their previous food in case the situation got even worse, which it of course did!! They had fallen ill, and with food now non-existent on the ship, it’s a race against time to get to the hidden food! Unfortunately, they were so poorly they couldn’t remember the combination to the lock!

Children had to work in groups to read some information about Vikings, answer some trivia questions and solve puzzles to crack the code! We were so impressed with our Go-for-it Gorillas who were Persevering Parrots and Slinky-Linky Snakes all in one! 5 teams managed to escape and survive the perilous journey across the seas, whilst the rest of the groups you may still find in the North Sea somewhere!!

We had such a fun afternoon, and it was so lovely to see our pupils learning in a different way, enthusiastic about what they’re learning and working collaboratively together to solve problems – you can say we’re all very excited to learn more about the Vikings over the next term!